Red Mango

Red Mango is a frozen yogurt chain founded in South Korea in 2002. The company, which has stores in Korea, United States, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore and South Africa, is known for its all natural, gluten-free and certified kosher frozen yogurt that is both tart and creamy. With 90 calories per serving, Red Mango frozen yogurt is also considered to be healthy — the company announced in 2007 that it became the first retailer of frozen yogurt to receive the National Yogurt Association’s Live and Active Culture Seal,[1] a certification given to yogurt manufacturers whose products have live and active culture counts in amounts that researchers have determined to have positive health benefits.[2] Red Mango’s frozen yogurt is offered in limited flavors, such as Original and Green Tea. In November 2008, Red Mango launched its first new flavor, Pomegranate by POM Wonderful®, which resulted from the company’s partnership with the POM Wonderful company. In May 2009, Red Mango launched its second new flavor, TANGOMONIUM™, which according to the company’s website, was invented by President & CEO Daniel J. Kim, and “when enjoyed, makes you smile, takes you to a happy place, and brings up blissful memories of springs and summers past”.

Oh yeah..Red Mango Frozen Yogurt will be opened first time in indonesia in 18 Juli 2009..So  we need your partisipation to participate in Red Mango Survey..If you are lucky, you will get Blackberry Bold and Javelin..To participate on that survey click here




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