History of Sebelas Maret University

UNS gatesSebelas Maret University stood since March 11, 1976, which was originally a composite of 5 universities in Surakarta. Merging several universities, has one major goal, namely improving the quality of higher education in Surakarta.

After 5 years of consolidation, UNS prepare to begin the process of development. Physical development began in 1980. Under the leadership of dr.Prakosa, original campus is located in some places united in a region. Sites are located in Kentingan areas, on the banks of the Solo River, with a coverage area of ± 60 hectares. In this Kentingan areas, construction of the campus’s first phase ends in 1985.

Campus physical development has been rapid, well balanced with progress in other sectors. In 1986, Prof. Dr. Koento Wibisono as the next chancellor, made the laying of foundations of the acceleration of growth. In this period, changes have occurred, like a pretty good development in the academic field and the number of staff, also in strengthening the infrastructure of campus.

After Prof. Haris Mudjiman, Ph.D become the next chancellor, UNS acceleration begins to move into a better direction. Enthusiasm and commitment to make a change is needed to make progress on every side of life UNS. The effects of these changes is very impressive.

Today, UNS Solo is a young university with tremendous growth. With a variety of existing potential, eg like skin surgeon with a national reputation (Faculty of Medicine), the discovery starbio and salt resistant rice (Faculty of Agriculture), and some progress made in each faculty and other work units. UNS also made a step forward in the development of information technology. With the expansion of information technology networks are bigger, Computer Center UNS Solo make history etched in the books progress and development of the UNS. Incisions more impressive history that others will happen with the growth and development of this university.

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