2. Listening music to accelerate your conversation respons

One example of song that use past tense

Saltwater room – Owl City

I opened my eyes last night
and saw you in the lowlight
walking down by the bay on the shore
staring up at the planes that aren’t there anymore

I was feeling the night grow old
and you were looking so cold
like an introvert
I drew my over shirt
around my arms and began to shiver violently

before you happened to look and see
the tunnels all around me
running into the dark, underground
all the subways around create a great sound

to my emotion fatigue, farewell
with your ear to a seashell
you can hear the waves
in under water caves
as if you actually were inside a saltwater room

Time together is just never quite enough?
when you and I are alone, I’ve never felt so at home
what will it take to make or break this hint of love?
we need time, only time
when we’re apart whatever are you thinking of ?
If this is what I call home, why does it feel so alone
So tell me darling  do you wish we’d fall in love ?
All the time, All the time

Can you believe that the crew has gone ?
and wouldn’t let me sign on
all my island have sunk in the deep
So I can hardly relax or even oversleep
I feel as if I were home some nights
when we count all the ship lights

I guess I’ll never know
why sparrows love the snow
we’ll turn off all of the lights and set the ballroom aglow

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Pay attention to this words:

about, old, farewell, introvert, last

The Difference use between “a/an” and “the”

a / an : for something that general

The    : for something that specific


a cat, a university, a house

a cat is always lovely

an honest, an hour

I show the cat scratches the road

the cat

the animal, the end, the ocean

Vocabulary from Song:

No v mean
1 bay teluk
2 shore pantai
3 shiver menggigil
4 violently dengan keras
5 tunnel terowongan
6 subways kereta api bawah tanah
7 fatigue kelelahan
8 farewell selamat jalan
9 shell kerang
10 waves ombak
11 caves gua
12 hint petunjuk
13 sink tenggelam
14 sparrow burung pipit
15 snow salju
16 aglow bersinar

Vocabulary [The Second Meeting]

No v1 v2 v3 meaning
1 accompany accompanied accompanied menemani
2 accomplish accomplished accomplished menyelesaikan
3 achieve achieved achieved mencapai
4 associate associated associated bergabung
5 astonish astonished astonished mencengangkan
6 believe believed believed percaya
7 bend bent bent menekuk
8 build built built membangun
9 celebrate celebrated celebrated merayakan
10 coerce coerced coerced memaksa
11 congregate congregated congregated berkumpul
12 convince convinced convinced meyakinkan
13 convoy convoyed convoyed mengawal
14 correlate correlated correlated menghubungkan
15 debate debated debated berdebat
16 deprive deprived deprived menghilangkan
17 diffuse diffused diffused menyebar
18 discuss discussed discussed berdiskusi
19 establish established established mendirikan
20 extend extended extended memperpanjang
21 forgive forgave forgiven memaafkan
22 investigate investigated investigated menyelidiki
23 punish punished punished menghukum
24 retain retained retained menahan
25 revenge revenged revenged membalas dendam
26 scare scared scared menakuti
27 tolerate tolerated tolerated mentolerir
28 trap trapped trapped menjebak

Lecturer : Rizky Adi Yanuasari


Tentang arifrohmadi

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