Degree of Comparison [for Adjective]

Degree of comparison describes the relational value of one thing with something in another clause of a sentence.
There are three types of Degree of Comparison:

1. Positive 
   it doesn’t relate to any superior or inferior qualities of other things
as…….as (…. is filled with adj)
Example: He is as smart as Einstein

2. Comparative
   it denotes a greater amount of a quality relative to something else
– er ……. than (one syllable)
– more……than (two syllable or more)
the cat is bigger than the mouse
the Antartica’s climate is more extreme than Indonesia’s climate

3. Superlative
   denotes the most …. things
– the….est (one syllable)
– the most ….. (two syllable or more)
The earth is the most beautiful planet in the solar system

vocabularies (adjective)

adjective mean
ambitious ambisius
ancient kuno
attractive menarik
brave berani
charm menawan
comfortable nyaman
curious ingin tahu
dangerous berbahaya
diligent rajin
disposable dapat dibuang
easy going santai
excellent baik sekali
faithful setia
gorgeous sangat indah
graceful anggun
hazard bahaya
impossible mustahil
introvert orang yang tertutup
invincible tak terkalahkan
invisible tak terlihat
mature dewasa
memorable kenangan
natural alami
perfect sempurna
polite sopan
precious berharga
pure murni
removable dapat dipindahkan
ridiculous menggelikan
rough kasar
scary mengerikan
significant penting
spooky seram
tidy rapi
tough sulit
tremendous hebat sekali
ultimate terakhir
urgent mendesak
worst terburuk