M-Ticketing : Improve The Quality of Movie Ticket Booking Service via Mobile


The desire of community to obtain easy in performing daily activities encouraging rapid technological progress. Many technology aimed at providing desired ease, such as internet. The fact that can’t be denied this time is the fact almost anything can be obtained on the internet. With the progress of Internet technology allows one to obtain information and conduct transactions freely without being limited by space and time.

However, this technology still not yet fully utilized. As one problem that quite simple but often occur in everyday of life is booking movie tickets. Many customers should be in line long enough to get tickets, sometimes even had to queue was not successfully to get tickets. Of course, it’s impact of losses due to time used to queue can be more effective by doing other things more useful. (Elidjen,2005)

One alternatif to solving problems is to utilize internet more better via web at the office, in cafes, in school, at home or via WAP by using mobile handheld devices support. Customer can book tickets via online for showtimes at the movie theater anytime anywhere without having to wait in line, and also transactions can be done from anywhere and anytime.

On previous research (conducted by Setia Budi, Maranatha Christian University), He have made an application that helps users in terms of booking movie tickets, but still less than optimal performance. After user confirm via mobile for booking movie ticket that they want through the application, they must go to the bank designated for transfer payments. Then transfer the evidence they later redeem the ticket when going to watch a movie.

It is certainly less efficient, because the ticket buyer still had to go to the bank for payment. Yet in his own bank queues sometimes still occur. Not to mention it, later when the exchange tickets at the movie theater, they sometimes have to wait in line again.

Therefore, through this research I try to improve the quality of a movie ticket booking service by adding some features to existing applications. Performance of existing applications still in use, but before the user can use these applications, they must first register via SMS to the operator who works with the movie theater. Then user will get PIN as a password to login. After user confirm reservations desired movie, they didn’t bother to cut the bank for immediate payment of cellular phone toll. few moments later the buyer will get a code and the number sitting via sms from cellular operators. The code serves as a replacement ticket at the movie theater. So when will go to watch a movie, simply by showing the code to the clerk.

for more details, you can download this

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